Haines: the Arts Capital of Alaska

Haines is the arts capital of Alaska. This site is a portal to all the artists of Haines.

Tresham Gregg

Tresham Gregg is a northwest fantasy multimedia artist raised in Haines, Alaska with a personal background in Tlingit Native Art.  He currently does original works in Woodcarving, Silk Screen Prints, Silver and Beaded Jewelry, Character Puppets, and Paintings.  He has a few galleries in Haines /Fort Seward and an online presence through: tresham.com and northwestsupernatural.com, as well as numerous...

Alaska Rod's Knives and Handcrafted Alaskan Products

Alaska Rod's features work by over 90 local area artisans.  Rod makes knives, many wood products (pens, seam rippers, wine bottle stoppers, etc), Devil's Club products and a variety of other things.  Drop by to enjoy our FUDGE and get our healing salves (all local and all natural).  We also have Native arts, jewelry, baskets, hats, photography, paintings, leather products, Haines T-shirts, dolls, sculptures, cards and much more!

Joe Ordonez

Joe Ordonez is a photographer, author and naturalist who has lived and worked in Haines, Alaska since 1987. Joe has deep, intimate and profound affection for the natural environment of the Chilkat Valley. Joe’s love and connection to the land imbues his photography with an intensity that borders on the spiritual.  Joe is currently working on his latest book entitled “The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.”

Maor Cohen

I find inspiration in everything I see in my travels and at home. Inspiration leads me to explore colors, textures and forms.
I'm drawn to the patterns of the natural and manmade environment. When I see something I love I want to possess it.
My way of possessing what I love is to paint it.

Tim Shields Art

Love of nature, love of paint - see the proof at Sheldon Museum, Haines, AK or sheldonmuseum.org through mid September

Eric Kocher Photographs of Wild Life and Wild Places

Red Rapid Images: Wild Life  – Wild Places spotlights Eric Kocher’s images.  Eric is a photography tour guide and takes pictures for the Chilkat Valley News.  Published photographs include images from his climb of Mt. McKinley, Alaska and a photograph of Robert F. Kennedy in the Washington Post.  He has images on display at the American Legion Post, Captain’s Choice Motel, and offices in Haines and Juneau.

Heather Lende

Heather Lende wrote the New York Times bestseller If You Lived Here I know Your Name, and Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs. Her third book, Finding the Good, will be available in 2015. Her acclaimed columns and essays have been published and broadcast widely, from Woman's Day and Country Living to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska Dispatch and Washington Post. She has lived with her family in Haines for 30 years.

Catotti and Goldberg Art Studio

We are versatile artists who make art in a lot of different media.  Donna paints in oils and pastels and prints serigraphs.  Rob paints in watercolors and acrylics and prints serigraphs.  We both enjoy doing large public art projects in etched glass, wood and other materials.  Rob also makes custom guitars and cellos.

Debi Knight Kennedy

Art from the Heart. From Marionettes to original jewelry designs in Sterling Silver to hand carved and printed Block Prints & much more. You never know what you’ll find at the Forget-Me-Not Gallery. Where my heart leads I follow…

Andrea Nelson

The assemblages  of Andrea Nelson combine objects from nature with relics odd and old. There is no shortage of material remains in any human environment; their value, on the other hand, is of subjective and personal estimation.

The Art of Knowing Oneself

I regard psychotherapy as an art – a process in which we work to make sense of feelings, thoughts and reactions that are sometimes painful, confusing and frightening but always human and understandable.  My art work is inspired by my life on Mud Bay in Haines Alaska and the rivers and mountains of my other home in central Oregon.

Bear Star Web Design

Bear Star Web Design is owned and operated by James Alborough and Sarah Posey. James brings years of web development and website design experience in Silicon Valley. Sarah "Tigger" Posey adds her extensive experience as an editor and writing instructor.

Established in 1994, Bear Star Web Design has consistently served its hundreds of clients with high standards, economic rates, and fast, friendly service.

Bear Star has been a driving force in getting many of Haines...